Verda E. Galbreath Carter Diary 1934-1938

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Last Update: 12-26-2004

In loving memory of Verda E. Carter

June 23, 1917 - December 22, 1994

For her children and future generations.

March 1934

March 2 1934

When I first met Edwin he had brought a friend with him. He came in the kitchen when I

was washing my feet!

March 3 1934

This is the first time Edwin ever asked me for a date. We were at the Fuaner Dance. Lae

and I was there. We had Agnes along with us. We made him ask her for a date also.

March 4 1934

Edwin and I, Marc and Agnes went to Fairfield down to Maxís place. Then Edwin went

home and done his work. He came back we got supper in a restaurant then we went to a


September 1934

September 22, 1934

Attended Flower show at Cleveland Terminal Tower then went in the May Co. and fiddled around.

September 23, 1934

Edwin Carter and I done Vernonís work. Edwin, Lon, Clinton and I went for a ride to Homeworth also Earl Hoffmeyer went too. Ed stayed all night.

September 24, 1934

All I done was think of yesterday and wash dishes. Washed some of my clothes.

September 25, 1934

We hauled melons today and I canned 6 quarts of tomatoes and am going to do Vernonís work.

September 26, 1934

I picked eight baskets of tomatoes and am canning them this evening. I am supposed to entertain Vernon Walbrath.

September 27, 1934

I canned several quarts of tomatoes and made some corn salad. I will make more things today.

September 28, 1934

I will can the corn salad and also more tomatoes. I picked up 1/3 of a sugar sack and hickory nuts.

September 29, 1934

Done more canning thought of Edwin most of the time. I then went to town and drove almost 50 miles per hour.

September 30, 1934

I went to Youngstown with Vernon Walbrath we went to the Keithís Palace Theater and saw Muram Hopkins The Richest Girl in the World.

October 1934

October 1, 1934

Dad grilled some of Vernonís wheat and will finish tomorrow. Looked for a letter from Edwin but did not get it.

October 2, 1934

I went to a wiener and marshmallow roast at Olive Malmsburrys with Vernon Walbrath.

October 3, 1934

Me and Dad cut buckwheat today and it was a very hard job because the ground was soft and this was at Burosocks.

October 4, 1934

Picked eight baskets of tomatoes and helped mother. I also washed some of my dirty clothes.

October 5, 1934

Went to a show with Vernon Walbrath called Joe and Brown in the Circus. It was not such a bad show.

October 6, 1934

Here it is Saturday and nothing of interest has happened only I have my Dad getting a little to loud with his talking. Ha Ha.

October 7, 1934

Edwin was here also Roland and Mrs. Radison and daughter. Ed and I gathered acorns then we went to the colored-church then to a show Shirley Temple in "Now and Forever."

October 8, 1934

We went to Lisbon. The trial was to be pleaded before the judge. After getting something to eat mother and Dad and I started for Strabalaísí when I got some things for home.

October 9, 1934

Lon was up for his baskets then we thought that we would take in a show so mother, Bernice and Lon and I went to Salem and saw Will Rogers in "Judge Priest"

October 10, 1934

I am still canning tomatoes and will soon start on a couple batches of plum-butter.

October 11, 1934

Earl Hoffinger was at our place all afternoon. Then Vernon Walbrath came in the evening and we went to Alliance and took Earl home. We ran all over town.

October 12, 1934

I hauled Vernonís milk up two mornings now. His car is away getting fixed.

October 13, 1934

Edwin came up and I was not home till almost 4 oíclock and kept him waiting from then till 4. Then we went to Rogers, Ohio then to the roller-skating rink, Placenthia Lake and then home.

October 14, 1934

Clinton Strabala was here to see me and stayed all afternoon. He had the boy that stayed at Henry Strabalaís with him: Nick Culvar.

October 15, 1934

I cleaned the furnace cellar up and burnt the dirt. I am supposed to get $2.00 for doing it and I am hoping that I do get it.

October 16, 1934

I cleaned the kitchen up today. I washed all the dirty things that was lying around up there. Ready to get dirty again. Also a fight.

October 17, 1934

We went to Youngstown to a Spencer party on the way home we stopped at Burkslander. Ottis took us through the green house and gave us a bouquet of gorgeous flowers.

October 18, 1934

Mother cut me out a new dress and I wrote to Edwin and Lon. I was busy cleaning the down stairs.

October 19, 1934

Vernon W. and I went to Youngstown to a show when we went for the car it was gone. We inquired at the police. They had found it ten blocks away.

October 20, 1934

Lon and I went to Rogers, Ohio to a Halloween Spree and tormented Edwin a little bit not much. We took Maxís antique sign.

October 21, 1934

Ed and I had a great talk on tobacco and liquor. Berniceís birthday. Edwin and I went to Rogers, Ohio and saw his hurt cow. Went Halloweening with Max through Millcreek park and to my home on Route 62.

October 22, 1934

I am thinking of last night. We went to Sebring and Alliance for Dad and ran several errands for him.

October 23, 1934

I did not do much of anything but help with the dishes and help Dad milk 4 cows and he milked 3

October 24, 1934

Mother is sick it may be appendicitis. I donít know yet. Earl Hoffmeyer was here for a little bit this forenoon.

October 25, 1934

I husked corn and hauled pumpkins in and cleaned out Bulls stable. Went to a show with Vernon W. We took Bernice along.

October 26, 1934

Vernon is after a load of sand. He got stuck. Dad had a great time pulling him out.

October 27, 1934

Ed stayed all night. The first snow came today. We went to town and done Mother and Dadís shopping. It was rather fun anyway. I was with Edwin and why shouldnít it be "fun?" !!

October 28, 1934

Edwin stayed all night. We went to Vernonís then to Beechwood. Then we went to Vernonís on our way home but he had company: Harry and Gillian was here we didnít get anywhere

November 1934

November 1, 1934

I wiped dishes swept dining room then I fixed the piano bench. Then the day was spent. I had 3 hours sleep after the party.

November 2, 1934

I wrote to Edwin done the dishes and swept the floor. Then I went to Georgtown and saw Milly Richie and read the H.S. paper "The Tattler"

November 3, 1934

I read up at the house and cleaned things up a bit. Mother wanted me to go to town and I would not go. I fell asleep on the lounge. They woke me when they got home.

November 4, 1934

We went to Beechwood. We had planned to go to Cleveland but did not go because the lady was expecting a stork any time. Then we stayed home and monkeyed around. About nine we went to a show.

November 5, 1934

I got up at seven and went after Vernon. I milked and came back home then went down to V. after wheat. Came back and got his car towed. It was getting repaired at Willy Welshís.

November 6, 1934

Mother, Dad and Vernon went to the election while I stayed home. They didnít get home till way late. Edwin voted also but not here.

November 7, 1934

Vernon Walbrath and I went to Youngstown and saw a show called the "Lemon Drop Kid". It was a nice show.

November 8, 1934

Mother cracked nuts for town and I monkeyed around all day and helped Dad milk.

November 9, 1934

Mother went to Alliance. I cleaned the downstairs and kitchen. While Mother and Dad was at Alliance Bernice was at school.

November 10, 1934

We went after Vernon then after Bill and Beatrice then after Bessie then to the Party: V.S. & D.D, M.G. & L.L., V.G. & B.S., F.C.&C.B., E.C.& E.G., R.D. & B.D. This was a party. Had ice-cream.

November 11, 1934

Edwin came after me about 4:15 and we went to Rogers, Ohio. We had a big chickensupper then we went to Fairfield church and home.

November 12, 1934

I ordered a dining room suite and a Divan Rocker.

November 13, 1934

Mother was busy sewing Bernice some clothes and I got dinner then later on in the day I got supper. It sure was good.

November 14, 1934

Mother and I are busy getting my quilt in the frame. Lon is coming tonight.

November 15, 1934

Lon helped Dad get the remainder of the belts in today and then he stayed talking until 11.30. Dad caught a skunk.

November 16, 1934

I went down to Vernonís and he showed me how to skin the skunk. I skinned it and then I stretched it. Vernon W. was here and I went hunting for two hours.

November 17, 1934

Mother and Dad are going to Salem to see Scott about the trial .

November 18, 1934

Edwin came here then George and Laura Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. MathGraff came in the evening. We spent the evening playing games and telling riddles and tongue twisters.

November 19, 1934

I helped out with the house work and helped Dad. V.S. came and we monkeyed around till 2:00.

November 20, 1934

Went and looked after my poultry. Vernon is going to take orders for chickens this Thanksgiving.

November 21, 1934

Mother and Daddy talked to Ed Ray and he said he didnít know his mother and he still talks of religion strongly.

November 22, 1934

Vernon Walbrath came and we read the Alliance Review also the Canton paper. He stayed till about 2:00 then went home.

November 23, 1934

Washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen also the dining room and helped Dad milk.

November 24, 1934

I spent the day cleaning the house and Dad went to town by himself.

November 25, 1934

Lon came to see me and Uncle Frank and Aunt Myrtle were here about 3 oíclock we went to Greentown to see Shorty Weimer then had supper in Canton

November 26, 1934

Vernon Walbrath just got home from Marietta he stopped in on his way home and we went down to parents teachers meeting. We stood outside and listened.

November 27, 1934

I spent this day husking corn. I husked 28 bundles of corn. Clifford Anderson husked 17.

November 28, 1934

It rained so we took out walnut kernels. We was very busy. I cleaned the down stairs all up nice.

November 29, 1934

I enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner at Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Carterís this afternoon. We spent the day playing checkers and spoof. We attended a show "Anne of the Green Gables" in Liverpool.

November 30, 1934

My Dad showed me how to spread manure and I spread 4 loads nothing but the chain flew off. Vernon W. came and we went away

December 1934

December 1, 1934

Today Veron was fined for running without no lights and he had his fur stolen and his milk can also. He got his fur back. Agnes was just here.

December 2, 1934

Vernon Walbrath is coming we went to Salem then came home. Agnes went for a ride up past Milton Dam with me and Merrill Evans. We had a sandwich and candy milky-way.

December 3, 1934

Vernon hauled manure for Dad and he had a flat tire. I pumped it up for him then he went home.

December 4, 1934

Vernon, Bernice and I went to Alliance to a show called "Peeks Bad Boy" Saw Bill and Beatrice in the back. They almost ran over Mom and I.

December 5, 1934

Mother is sick in bed. I got Dinner for the hired men Vernon and Clifford also. I cleaned up the kitchen.

December 6, 1934

Edwin said he was coming to see if I got all the sunshine hauled. He came about 8:30 we sat around at home he left about 3:00

December 7, 1934

Vernon W. came. He hauled corn and also cut some wood and hauled it up to the house. We are going to Alliance tonight.

December 8., 1934

Lon came and we went to a dance at the Frianon. Then we got candy and orange pop. Vernon went to see the boxing men.

December 9, 1934

Edwin came about 2:30PM. Mother, Vernon and Ed and I went to Youngstown. We then went to Alliance and Beechwood church.

December 10, 1934

Ed is here helping with the nuts. He is training for a fight with Happy Jack alone.

December 11, 1934

Ed and I went to Beechwood. I wore my overalls. They gave us some candy. We went to Damascus then came home.

December 12, 1934

Ed is still here he will leave soon for Rogers. He will then come back Friday. Mother and Dad are going to Lisbon.

December 13, 1934

Mother took nut kernels to Hendricksí candy shoppe. I took kernels out all day. Dad sorted kernels.

December 14, 1934

Edwin came back Friday. Clara helped take nut kernels out. Cliff did also. Ed and I went to an operetta at Beloit High.

December 15, 1934

Ed and Dad are out doctoring Mager our sick horse. I milked five cows. Got supper and took out nut kernels. Mother, Dad and I are going to town.

December 16, 1934

Went to Christian church. I saw all kinds of Christians. Vernon Walbrath was here all afternoon.

December 17, 1934

Going to Minerva. Went and sold $8.00 worth of nuts.

December 18, 1934

Went to Louisville and sold $3.75 worth of nuts.

December 19, 1934

It was very icy today. Ed wasnít home though.

December 20, 1934

Clara is helping take out kernels. Mother and Dad went to Salem.

December 21, 1934

Vernon went to the doctor for a ringworm or crabs.

December 22, 1934

Vernon brought his turkey up one weighed 19 1/4 lbs. another 14 1/4. I milked cows.

December 23, 1934

Morning milked 6 cows. I have to deliver one turkey today.

December 24, 1934

Dad and I went to Alliance to deliver some turkeys. We got lost from each other. He came home ahead of me

December 25, 1934

Mother and Dad and Bernice went to Aunt Myrtleís for Christmas. I was in bed. I got up and made supper.

December 26, 1934

I ironed and then Ed came to get some walnuts and I went down to his place the next morning. Ed stayed all night.

December 27, 1934

We went to a big social in Rogers, Ohio. We got together about 10:45 then we sorted apples and we started out to peddle his produce and our nuts.

December 28, 1934

Ed shredded fodder nearly all day. I washed windows and wood-work. I also scoured the stove.

December 29, 1934

Ed cleaned the chicken houses out. I helped Maggy make sourkraut. We went to a show at Liverpool and had a flat tire.

December 30, 1934

We spent the day playing checkers. We washed and dried al the dishes for Mag.

December 31, 1934

We went to a fire. Mr. Bakers house burnt. Nothing was saved. We heard the whistles bring in the new year. We went to a community sale. Then we went to Lisbon then to Columbiana and then back to Rogers, Ohio. We were gone until 3:00 pm. Got work done came home and then stayed there.

January 1935

January 1 1935

I slept till 12:00 and am still sleepy as can be. I am supposed to make some bread.

January 2 1935

I sent a letter to my cousin Lester W. Galbreath Stocton in California hoping to get one from him soon.

January 3 1935

Vernon gave me two dollars on his bill to me ending it down.

January 4 1935

Lon was here for an explanation he got it. Bernice and I went to a show with him. He gave me a book of stationary, pen and pencil.

January 5 1935

Merill Evans and Agnus was here all evening they both had bad colds. Agnes has got her high school pictures.

January 6 1935

Rollers were here and they said that Burklands was going to also but they did not show up.

January 7 1935

Uncle Frank and Aunt Myrtle was here in evening we gave them a task of Italian sausage. She sure spit and sputtered!

January 8 1935

Mother fell over a lard can in the dark and skinned her leg all up terrible. Two pigs went to Zarloti tonight for $140.

January 9 1935

I washed some of my clothes and then mother washed the rest of the clothes. I talked with Vernon.

January 10 1935

Mother and I went to get our hair fixed. I got a permanent. Then we went to Alliance. Mother got a coat. Went to Carters had supper then went to church.

January 11 1935

We went to Youngstown to a carpet meeting. Hand lunch at the Tod house. Then we came to Rollers then to the Heberlings dairy farm.

January 12 1935

I swept the upstairs and down stairs cellar steps. I milked eight cows also went to mill. Now I have to leave cows out. Took V.W. home got blockenbackle.

January 13 1935

I hope to go and take algebra and book keeping from Long. Vernon W. was here all afternoon then Ed came he went to see G.

January 14 1935

I received a letter from Lester Galbreath. We butchered a hog bull today. We had liver and onions for supper.

January 15 1935

Well have to get ready to can beef. Cleaned the kitchen and helped mother.

January 16 1935

We cleaned up the kitchen and dining room then went to town. I got a coat put in lay-away. The money was to be for the dentist.

January 17 1935

I received a letter from Mr. Carter which was highly appreciated. I will soon be canning beef soon as mother rinses the cans.

January 18 1935

I hope to get the beef all canned by Sunday. I hope not to be disappointed 3/4 of Johnny Bull.

January 19 1935

Tonight is the billing supper and Edwin is going to take me if nothing happens. I am going to give a rotary signal. Dorothy and Vernon Scotts supper. They sure got nice gifts this time. I went and we had a marvelous time.

January 20 1935

Sunday morning and Iím happy as a lark. Up at 12:N Vernon was here he wants me to got to Youngstown with him.

January 21 1935

I was busy helping mother can beef. I also got my quilt out and am working on it so as to get it done before spring.

January 22 1935

We got a big order today! Got a cedar chest and stationary, dress goods, curtains and stockings etc.

January 23 1935

I have been busy embroidering these days. A buffet scope and buffet set also tea towels.

January 24 1935

Edwin took cans of beef home. I went up to Carters and they over to Bill Devers. They were not home so we went to a show Ken Mayuarce.

January 25 1935

Edwin came after a pound of nuts he forgot last night he had Mrs. Snyder with him.

January 26 1935

I took Cliff to Vernons. Took some pudding down to him Mother and Dad. Went to Alliance and have to bake bread.

January 27 1935

A day spent alone and it is pouring down rain. I did not go to Sunday school.

January 28 1935

Mother went to mill then came home. I stayed. They hauled cows from Howard Cattle.

January 29 1935

Buff is now on my lap singing to me.

January 30 1935

Lou, Bernice and I went to two shows Bright Eyes and Imitation of Life.

January 31 1935

Papa and Mother went to Salem to see John Mewhouse and he was not there. They ate supper at Georgeís.

February 1935

February 1, 1935

Mother went to Salem and Papa, Vernon and Clifford hauled corn. I stayed home.

February 2, 1935

I seen Mr. and Mrs. Carter in Alliance and we had quite a talk about Ed and his fights. Baked a banana cake and washed clothes.

February 3, 1935

I went to Sunday School and church also Endeavor. Went to Clesmans to see about V.W. and what became of him.

February 4, 1935

I received a letter from Lon today. Also got a call from V.W. Telling of his accident. I wrote to Edwin.

February 5, 1935

I am going to play practice and Vernon is coming to take me. I am going to ask him for his white trousers.

February 6, 1935

Lon is coming and I, Vernon and his girl are going to the roller skating rink. He didnít come and we didnít go.

February 7, 1935

Mr. Rea was here till 2:20 talking of the gospel and we listened eagerly.

February 8, 1935

Mama got glasses fitted. Mother and Dad went to Clark Crewís funeral they said that there was a big crowd.

February 9, 1935

Butchered 3 pigs. Ed came and Agnes, Merrill also. Lon went to roller-skating rink had a great time.

February 10, 1935

Moerell Roller and family and another family: Mrs. Harold Robesor of Sebring, Mr. Lischer and children and I are going to Christian Endeavor.

February 11, 1935

Mr. Edwin Carter was here and I made him stay till 15 of 10 and then he went. I got my new coat.

February 12, 1935

I am reading St. Luke. I went to Beloit and got can lids and rubbers and jello then gave them a ride to Huffers. Bollard Galbreath is here staying.

February 13, 1935

I seen Edwin at the fight but he didnít see me though. Vernon Wealbrath and Vernon my brother and I went to a fight in Youngstown. VW was here for supper. Rolland left this morning.

February 14, 1935

I received a letter from Edwin Carter a very snappy letter too! I am making a dress for Saturday night.

February 15, 1935

Papa went to the sale at Alexander. I sewed my rug. Mother finished my dress for Saturday night!

February 16, 1935

Agnes, Merrill, Vernon, Lon and I went to the skating rink we sure had fun. Vernon knocked the railing down!

February 17, 1935

Today is Lons birthday and we are going to church tonight. I plucked his eye-brows for him.

February 18, 1935

P.T.A. we are going. Mother was away all day and to Edwin and Vernon Valralt.

February 19, 1935

Mother and I went to Alliance then out to Bill Devers then to Cliff Carterís then home.

February 20 1935

Lela Ma Schoein got married, she got John Denney. Mother went to uncle Vernonís quilting party and Dad went to Alliance. I stayed at home and played.

February 21,1935

Thursday I wrote to Lon and Dad and Mother. Went to Erin Zurbrugís funeral.

February 22 1935

I washed clothes and cleaned the down stairs for mother. She has a terrible cold.

February 23 1935

Lila and Johnny was billed. Lon didnít come, so I went to the skating rink with Clifford Anderson. Vernon and Donald went along.

February 24 1935

Vernon W. Came down to tell me that he was coming to take me to church. We went to Alliance blew a gasket and had flat tire.

February 25 1935

I took Vernon home last night. Vernon W. came to get his can and he talked quite a while.

February 26 1935

Dad went to Salem. I am cleaning the barrel for a change. I sent Ed a letter.

February 27 1935

Dad went to Cleveland with Scholine. In the afternoon he and Clifford Anderson cut wood. I forgot what I was going to write so please excuse me for such a mess!

February 28 1935

Vernon walked up to say "Hello Goodbye." He said he would be down before so very long.

March 1, 1935

I cleaned the upstairs and down-stairs and burnt the trash. Tomorrow I will be busy cooking and baking.

March 2, 1935

Lou Strabala came and I went to a show called Buck Jones in the Avenger with him.

March 3, 1935

Mr. and Mrs. Carter and Son Forest spent the afternoon with us. Also Edwin in the evening came. We went to church Forest and Clifford took part in the program.

March 4, 1935

Dad tapped the sugar-trees. Bernice and I went to the woods for ice to make ice cream. She fell in the water and had to run to the house!

March 5, 1935

Dad and Clifford are going to gather sugar water this evening. I must get the dishes done now. Got a sad letter from Lon Strabala.

March 6, 1935

I sent a letter to Lon today and am writing one to Edwin, Mother. Vernon is going to Alliance on a business: Mary Myers Sale until March 9

March 7, 1935

I made a fam-cake and also some doughnuts. I sent some down to Clyde. I remember he is working for Vernon. Tomorrow night is the big fight!

March 8, 1935

Ed got a sore cut lip at the fight. We went to the fight Vernon knocked his opponent out cold! Ed got his decision over the other fellow. We stayed at Edís place all night.

March 9, 1935

Ed and I played checkers. Vernon got up at 10:15 and then Ed made some ice cream. Clifford came found Ed said that he would come back Sunday.

March 10, 1935

We saw Shirley Temple "Little Colonel". Lon came and took me to his church then we went to his place for dinner. We played in the barn all afternoon and went to the shows in the evening.

March 11, 1935

Ed Rea was here today. Dad is boiling down the surgarwater. Mother is sweeping and I am writing in my diary so that I donít forget what a wonderful time I had yesterday!

March 12, 1935

He kissed me twice! As a treat we had Bretzles, Potato chips and candy. Mother and Dad went to Charly Malms-berrys after a calf. Vernon W. came and Bernice and I went with him to a show double feature.

March 13, 1935

I am washing clothes today because every thing is dirty or rather almost.

March 14, 1935

I damped the wash and broned the most of it. Dad read the gas meter and I got a letter from Lon Strabala.

March 15, 1935

Bernice Dad and I gathered sugar water after 9pm. Then I milked 6 cows. Bernice and I played tag. I ironed clothes, washed dishes and swept the kitchen floor. I washed my silk clothes and mother and Dad went to town.

March 16, 1935

Lon is supposed to come tonight and we are going places to see people and see things.

March 17, 1935

Edwin came and we went up to Carters for his clothes. We came back home he stayed all night.

March 18, 1935

I went to Rogers with Ed this morning and we ran into a woman! We skidded on the ice and so did she. We got to Rogers, Ohio at 9:30

March 19, 1935

Vernon won second and Ed won first. I went to a fight last night. I am going again to see McDonald. Vernon won a belt and so did Edwin.

March 20, 1935

Wednesday: Ed butchered today and I helped. I gutted a hog for him and I went milking last night so he could rest.

March 21, 1935

Ed trimmed apple trees. Vernon and Edwin went to Palestine on Edís egg route. They took in about $12.00 I fell asleep on the couch they came home about one and awoke me for dinner.

March 22, 1935

I took a hike down along the creek and washed my feet and hands. I helped Ed trim berry vines and raspberries.

March 23, 1935

I sat in an apple tree and watched Ed trim raspberry vines. I helped him haul fodder. Cut saw wood and washed out a tub of clothes for Mag.

March 24, 1935

Got a letter from Lester and Lon. Helped Edwin cut fodder then went to the house upstairs and read some stories till dinner then went out on the front porch and read some more.

March 25, 1935

Vernon Galbreath was here till one oíclock he was going up to Chismans to see Shorty and get his hair cut but I wouldnít let him.

March 26, 1935

Edwin goes by the name of "K.O. Carter" Here I am catching up on my diary. I was a whole week back thinking about getting married. "O" Edwin!

March 27, 1935

Dad is hauling Sunshine. Mother is making me two new dresses and I helped her finish them. Got dinner and supper.

March 28, 1935

Got dinner and supper. Mother and I went to Beechwood. Roads were terrible. Forrest is in New York.

March 29, 1935

I got my hair set and saw Clyde Irvinston at the Cloverleaf Hatchery,. Saw all of their chickens and peepies.

March 30, 1935

Cut out a dress partly made it. Vernon Walbrath came and then we went to a show in Alliance.

March 31, 1935

Sunday was spent at home. Washed dishes, got supper and went to bed.

April 1935

April 1, 1935

Roy Richie and wife was here. We had duck and chicken eggs. I am dreaming about what it would be like when I get married.

April 2, 1935

I wrote a letter to Lon. Anyron Philies was here. Bought my two ducks at $2.60 Lester was also here till 10 bills.

April 3, 1935

I made noodles and pies and they sure was good. Made the last molasses today. We are practicing Berniceís new songs "On Good Ship Lollipop", "The World Owes Me A Living".

April 4, 1935

Cleaned the downstairs. Vernon W. Came and he took Bernice and I to the show: Baby Take a Bow with Shriley Temple.

April 5, 1935

Papa asked Vernon W. if he would work for him. We caught the old sow by the pen, Vernon was here tonight with his guitar.

April 6, 1935

Lon gave me his picture. We went to Youngstown to a show and we saw Mississippi by Bing Crosby

April 7, 1935

Vernon was here today and so was Shorty Meinner. We got a little pig and are expecting some more tonight or tomorrow.

April 8, 1935

We have or had two little pigs but five died.

April 9, 1935

Vernon Walbrath came we went to a show called Life Beginning at 40 with Will Rogers. He went home at 2:30 in the morning.

April 10, 1935

Diane Edunons walked home Lon. Came and we are going to practice a play now Vernon is coming too!

April 11, 1935

Milked Vernonís cows and helped him clean brooder house. Will get chickens tomorrow. Bernice went to practice her songs.

April 12, 1935

I got 200 Buff Rock pups. Vernon and Lon came to practice the play. Fed and watered pups named brown dog Sunday.

April 13, 1935

Edwin was here. Lon came we went to Alliance to a show saw The Siamese Twin Boys and Wives. We had potato chips and ice cream. Oh, gingerale also.

April 14, 1935

We went up to Carters for Dinner then went to Geneline house looked around went to Bills. He wasnít home so we went home.

April 15, 1935

We had our play. It was a big success. Mrs. Carter and Coila Anne Clinton, Lon and Babe and Vernon W. came. We had a crowd and a good time.

April 16, 1935

Stayed home till 4:30. Thumbed a ride from Atlee Freshley down to Vernonís place had to take care of puppies.

April 17, 1935

Took care of the pups and read stories. Washed dishes and bucket. Heard Merile Evans was working for Shloenis.

April 18, 1935

Made a rice pudding. Helped get the pups in the brooder house. Helped sack corn carry oats and came home with Vernon for a while.

April 19, 1935

Worked took care of peeps and cleaned the back yard at Vernonís place.

April 20, 1935

Lon came we went to skating rink. On the way home stopped at Salem saw Ed Rea had Ice cream and potato chips. Took a walk in moon light. Got in the school-house and played school and cut up: had a great time.

April 21, 1935

Vernon came and we played ball. Went for a ride stayed home after super. Scooper tore his trousers and mother had to mend them.

April 22, 1935

Started to clean the house today. Cleaned the north room. Vernon is going to get some more peeps today.

April 23, 1935

I cleaned the flower room and started cold clothes. Worked at it all day still have more to do.

April 24, 1935

Worked on the flowers room. Helped clean up the place we had a sick horse Burrow 7. Sock stayed till 2:30 this morning.

April 25, 1935

Cleaned the home up was expecting Lon and he did not come so went to bed.

April 26, 1935

Went down to Vernonís place. Took care of chickens. Cleaned up his kitchen and separators.

April 27, 1935

Tended the chickens and then came home. Washed my hair then Edwin came. We went to a party then to dance.

April 28, 1935

Edwin came we went down to Vernonís place and he trained for the fight. We saw Virginiaís baby and we went to church also.

April 29, 1935

I cleaned Vernons room. Then I cleaned the flower room and stayed up reading for a while.

April 30, 1935

I planted Raspberries. Dad grilled oats.

May 1935

May 1, 1935

Vernon said he broke his right little toe nail.

May 2, 1935

Vernon had a fight with Dameon Miford over a nickel.

May 3, 1935

Vernon came and we went to the Sunday school convention at Sebring. Mother and Bernice went too.

May 4, 1935

Lon came and we went to a show at the Ress. I got a pair of skates.

May 5, 1935

Vernon came over. We went to Akron and Stowe and Kent. We went to numerous other little burgs. I met the Hamilton family and had a great time.

May 6, 1935

I cleaned house and worked all day. Mother went to Kingís to get a ladies measurement.

May 7, 1935

Vernon came and we went to Leona Closeís billing and shower. We then took them on a ride. We had candy, cake and ice cream.

May 8, 1935

Doctor came to see Bernice and the measles. I went up to help with some medicine. The Doctor left.

May 9, 1935

Northern came to work for Vernon. Papa drilled Vernonís seats.

May 10, 1935

Margareete McDeniew has a baby boy Donald Cranston. Has a girl Virgil Hesten has baby boy.

May 11, 1935

Lon and I went to a show called "First Straight Lady". He got a pair of skates. We had a banana split a piece. Came home and skated till almost 2 oíclock.

May 12, 1935

Vernon came here to work on this day. Edwin came up but I did not go any place with him. George and Fannie came and we had ice cream.

May 13, 1935

We had a surprise birthday party on Vernon. We had a great fun cake and ice-cream. There was 16 present. Edwin bought me some strawberry plants.

May 14, 1935

Vernon made a poster for mother. He painted it all up. I was in bed sick. Dad plowed at Borrowsacks.

May 15, 1935

Vernon mowed the lawn then we took a walk in the moon light. Scooper tore his overalls.

May 16, 1935

Vernon W. and I went to a party held at John Milesís place. We had great fun. Miss Canon was here also. Miss Wilus.

May 17, 1935

Vernon W. and I are going to the Senior play at Goshen. It is called "The Tiger House" We went.

May 18, 1935

Vernon and Dad went to town. Lon and I went to get my coat then went to a show.

May 19, 1935

Edwin came tonight and we went to a show and saw our little girl Shirley Temple. We took Bernice along and saw Harry and Gillian.

May 20, 1935

I swiped Vernons cat and ran with it. I fell and hurt my knee. I got an invitation to Josephineís birthday party today.

May 21, 1935

We are going to the dentist. Vernon and I went to milk the cows. We got a present from John and Josephine.

May 22, 1935

Ross Mackeldonys house burnt down! Vernon and I went to a surprise party for John Lora.

May 23, 1935

We are invited to a party at Josephine Cobbs tonight. A birthday party we went and had a good time.

May 24, 1935

Went to bed tonight sick. About 10 PM. I was sleepy from milking our cows. May 25, 1935 Went down and helped Vernon do his work. I milked 4 cows then V.W. and I went to town then to a show.

May 26, 1935

We are going fishing. We went and sure had great fun! We roasted wieners over a bonfire and caught 7 fish. Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton and family, VW, BG and I went.

May 27, 1935

Mr. and Mrs. Carter was here. I am exhausted as we got to bed this night.

May 28, 1935

Going to Alliance then to a banquet: the alumni with Vernon W.

May 29, 1935

Bernice went up to groups. Clare sprained her ankle. Alice Frifogle has a baby girl.

May 30, 1935

Lon was supposed to come and take me to the circus. He never showed up.

May 31, 1935

I have the three-day measles. I have been in bed most of the day but was not a bit sick with them.

June 1935

June 1, 1935

Five little turkeys born today. They sure are cute. We may go to town tonight. Did not go.

June 2, 1935

Edwin came and we went to C. Carters for dinner. We had spinach and chicken. We stayed all afternoon. Had supper then went to a show.

June 3, 1935

Judy hatched her eggs. She has 19 plus 12. Hen hatched and didnít take care of them. We helped plant corn.

June 4, 1935

Picked greens and helped get dinner. Went to bed till five. Went to show: Naughty Marietta. It was great. "Sweet Glory of Life."

June 5, 1935

Planted cabbage went to Beloit and did the cooking

June 6, 1935

I done the cooking another day. Went to sell corsels. I helped milk and Vernon went to the dentist and got a nerve pulled out.

June 7, 1935

I did the work.

June 8, 1935

I went to Youngstown and saw a show called "Break of Hearts" by Katherine Hepburn. Otto gave me a bouquet of flowers and Vernon went to Alliance saw a western by Gastrow.

June 9, 1935

Went to Sunday school and down to Vernonís. Had wieners for lunch. Went up to Carters came home. Agnes came and I helped do the work.

June 10, 1935

Here alone. Shorty and Earl came to see Vernon W. Mother and Dad went to Alliance.

June 11, 1935

Laura and George was here a little dog came here also. Dad hauled it away last evening.

June 22, 1935

Herman Frifogle and Mary Israel are to be married this next week. Went to a show with Vernon W. at Strand.

June 23, 1935 Birthday Celebration!

Edwin came and mother, Dad and Bernice went with him to Idora Park Youngstown. I drove our car then went to a Morrison "Doubting Flowers"

June 24, 1935

Uncle Arlan gave us 24 quarts of strawberries. Dorothy and Mary brought them down. She told us of her school experiences.

June 25, 1935

Mother made jam out of the berries and I took Vernon a nice sized dipper of berries.

June 26, 1935

Edwin brought 2 bushels of strawberries this evening. I will have a nice job of canning them.

June 27, 1935

Steamed 20 quarts of berries and canned 30 quarts.

June 28, 1935

I made 10 glasses of strawberry jelly and mother made 9 pints of jam.

June 29, 1935

Mother and I are going to Benís to wash clothes. I have 16 quarts of cherries to can.

June 30, 1935

Edwin is coming up today. We are going to look at a house he has talked of. We are engaged.

July 1935

July 1, 1935

Bernice went to summer-school. Started going on June 29. Mother went to Alliance and Eva Cattell went along.

July 2, 1935

Canned cherries today. Ed Rea was here. Berniceís calf was sold. I made jam and jelly.

July 3, 1935

Mother went to Aunt Myrtleís and brought home flowers and lettuce. I canned cherries this afternoon and made jelly.

July 4, 1935

I worked all day and went to a show in the evening with Vernon W.

July 5, 1935

Berniceís grades today were 96, 97, 98 not bad ich!

July 6, 1935

Vernon W. and I went to a show. We took Dartha Bandy along and her brother Val. He came with us from the show: MacBear and Bradock.

July 7, 1935

Edwin came over and mother, Bernice, Edwin and I went to Placentha Lake. Went bathing, swimming and played on the see-saw. We then looked at the cottages.

July 8, 1935

Vernon picked the sweet cherry today. Laura, George, Arleen and kids came after some we had a great time.

July 9, 1935

I am going to cold-pack some cherries today.

July 10, 1935

Bernice went to school. Mother went to Sebring and took Mrs. Chawls cherries.

July 11, 1935

Picked cherries and went down to Vernonís to watch chickens. Max Guard and Lottie came and we went boat riding.

July 12, 1935

Dad broke the binder and it will delay him from cutting the wheat.

July 13, 1935

Vernon and I went to a show called "For His To Kill" It wasnít bad. I had a hot dog sandwich and grape ice-cream.

July 14, 1935

Ed came over and we hiked all over the farm. We then went over to the spill-way at the dam. Then we went to Deverís, and then to Carterís. We had supper there.

July 15, 1935

Ed brought 12 quarts of raspberries up so I could make some of them. He brought 12 dozen jars to put them in.

July 16, 1935

I got a letter from Josey Hine Cobbs and answered it right away.

July 17, 1935

I wrote a letter to Ed. Dad got Vernonís wheat shocked finally.

July 18, 1935

Veron W. and I went to a show then roamed over town.

July 19, 1935

Vernon and I went to Alliance, Sebring and then home.

July 20, 1935

Edwin is coming tonight and we are counting on going to the Beechwood festival. I hope he stays all night.

July 21, 1935

I think my diamond will come Monday or Tuesday. I stayed home all day. We were at Bill Devers for supper it sure was good: Soup and beans.

July 22, 1935

My diamond came today and is it a beauty! I really am engaged now believe it or not.

July 23, 1935

I wrote to Edwin telling him to come up Thursday. Vernon and I are cleaning the cellar. Got chickens from Vernons. Didnít have any.

July 24, 1935

I got a letter from Josephine Cobbs telling me how she has been doing. Going down to Vernonís to milk.

July 25, 1935

Vernon wanted me to go to a show and Edwin came. We went to Sebring, came back to Beloit got two pints of ice-cream and ate it. Vernon W. went to a show in Alliance.

July 26, 1935

I had two hours of sleep last night. George and Laura came over and ate supper. Went to Vernonís to milk then went down to the swimming hole.

July 27, 1935

Josephine is supposed to come today. Edwin talked like he would come up tomorrow. I may go to town tonight with Vernon W.

July 28, 1935

I slept all forenoon. Vernon pestered me and I didnít get to sleep anymore. I tried the saddle on Molly that I was measured for at Spencerís.

July 29, 1935

Used the saddle for the first time. It sure worked good on Molly. Went to work with Molly.

July 30, 1935

Went to Vernonís and helped him milk.

July 31, 1935

Went to a show at Morrisonís "Murder in the Street"

August 1, 1935

Stayed up all night to cook and bake for Thrashers. Vernon W. helped me.

August 2, 1935

It stormed so hard that I did not get home from Veron Wís. We slept in the barn all night.

August 3, 1935

We are going to the Stanley-Cobbs Reunion at Silver Park. It sure rained. I just poured! We went to a show at the Shrink: "The Wolf of London"

August 4, 1935

Edwin, my fiancee is supposed to come over. We may go swimming. Ed stayed all night. Mr. and Mrs. Carter came in the afternoon. Had supper at the Carterís.

August 5, 1935

Thrashers were here. Mother made a cake like the one that I made. It wasnít so good.

August 6, 1935

I picked out things that were bargains in the sales catalogs also wallpaper.

August 7, 1935

Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Carter was here we had quite a nice visit. They came about 9:15. I was in bed but I got up and visited.

August 8, 1935

Vernon was not out of bed yet when I got down to Johnís place this morning. Milked 5 cows and I went to finish ordering things and sent off.

August 9, 1935

I am going to write to Edwin my fiancee.

August 10, 1935

Vernon W. and I went to a store at the Strand. It sure was crowded and very warm in the theater.

August 11, 1935

Edwin was here we went to the V.F.W. picnic and saw Lon Strabala and his girl. Vernon boxed Fritz Malony and knocked him cold.

August 12, 1935

Went to Vernonís to milk.

August 13, 1935

Dad went to Salem to see the lawyer about getting our gas well back or the lease.

August 14, 1935

Tonight was the fireworks. They sure were pretty all different colors. Dad and Bernice walked over here. I laid in my bed and watched them.

August 15, 1935

Clyde, Vernon, G and I went to a show called "Lady Tubbs" Clyde asked me to go next Thursday with him.

August 16, 1935

I wrote to Edwin telling him about the fight.

August 17, 1935

I canned pickles. Earl W. Came and said Vernon W. was supposed to come up to dinner.

August 18, 1935

Vernon W. and I had a spat. I said to him we are through. We went to Malmsburyís for dinner and we are going to Liverpool.

August 19, 1935

Slept part of the day. Was sleepy. Milked cows and helped mother.

August 20, 1935

Bernice, Vernon and I went to see Shirley Temple in "Curly Top" It sure was a swell show.

August 21, 1935

We had the Thrashers for dinner. Then I went to reading and fell asleep.

August 22, 1935

Tonight was the big fight. Edwin came and fought Chit Procer. Ed fought to a draw with him.

August 23, 1935

We expected the Thrashers and they didnít come.

August 24, 1935

Dad, Vernon and Bernice went to town and they saw Forrest. He has a new radio.

August 25, 1935

Edwin came and we went to Carterís. We had cream chickens for supper and we went and got Barney and Meg at Lizzas.

August 26, 1935

We thrashed today. We had a lot of fun getting dinner for them. Aunt Violet helped.

August 27, 1935

Cleaned out the sink and drained and washed the dinning room window. Now I am going to can elderberries. Vernon went to Stubenville for a fight.

August 28, 1935

Jimmy Larson a chicken government man was here. I have a date with him for Saturday night.


August 29, 1935

Clyde Irmiston came and took me to a show then bought me a sundae then we went for a ride.

August 30, 1935

Clyde came and said good-bye. He is leaving in the morning for the C.C.C. I gave him one of my pictures also Vernonís.

August 31, 1935

Jimmy is coming tonight. He wrote me a letter. I got it today. We went to a show the "Farmer Takes a Wife"

September 1935

September 1, 1935

Edwin came we did not go any place. He stayed till three a.m. He brought tomatoes with


September 2, 1935

Vernon W. and I went to the Canton fair then to a show at the Palace in Canton called

"Will Roger in Steam Boat around the Bend"

September 3, 1935

I started school today. My teachers are Miss Richardís, Miss Spaknsown Tary. Going to

get some things in town.

September 4, 1935

I am taking english, algebra, history and shorthand and typing also music.

September 5, 1935

We have music Wednesday and Friday. The last period of each of these days is music.

September 6, 1935

Tonight is a marvelous moon. It is so beautiful. It is so nice I took a walk by myself. Ed

talked to Dad.

September 7, 1935

Verda Malhensbery got married to Mr. Cuttingham Sunday Sept. 8

September 8, 1935

Vernon and I went to a show at Salem. It was "Love Me Forever" Grace Moore.

September 9, 1935

I went to school. Edwin went home about 1:25 am.

September 10, 1935

This is the first day of the Lisbon Fair. There will be three more.

September 11, 1935

Mrs. Crowel will be here to help tomorrow. Vernon is supposed to thrash wheat.

September 12, 1935

Edwin came and brought 9 1/2 lbs of tomatoes. Then we went to bank night and then to

the Rex. He had his car wrecked the right door glass was smashed. He had been


September 13, 1935

I stayed home from school to can tomatoes. I got my typing and shorthand books.

September 14, 1935

Very busy canning . Vernon W. left for college Kent State this noon. Josephine came and

Vernonís Ford was hit by another Ford.

September 15, 1935

Mother and I took Josephine home. We went to church with them. Jos bought us each a

cone and she showed me her hope chest. She gave me a doily.

September 16, 1935

I stayed home from school and canned pears. 13 qts. Edwin came to see me and asked if

he could come up Saturday night I said yes. Mag and Barney are celebrating their 50th

wedding anniversary.

September 17, 1935

We have history in Senior class. Was at school.

September 18, 1935

We had music today and ordered my ring today.

September 19, 1935

Stayed home from school and canned 34 quarts of fruit.

September 20, 1935

Stayed home again and canned 44 quarts. Am going to get my hair set tomorrow noon if

nothing happens.

September 21, 1935

Edwin is coming up tonight. He went to Columbus and he is staying all night.

September 22, 1935

I attended Mr. and Mrs. Byron Carterís Golden wedding anniversary today. I done the

decorating and was a table waiter. Later Ed and I went to church at Rogers.

September 23, 1935

Went to school. Ed is supposed to write me a letter the first of the week.

September 24, 1935

I dropped shorthand today. Bernie B. wore her diamond ring to school today.

September 25, 1935

Edwin came and I went to Homeworth with him tonight. He came up to tell V.G. he was supposed to fight Tuesday night.

September 26, 1935

Edwin peddled today and I went with him. He took in something like $12.00 I went to a show at Lisbon while Edwin fought at the Buckeye Club. Then he came after me.

September 27, 1935

I milked Edwinís cows this morning then helped him pick apples. We played checkers and

we had chicken for supper.

September 28, 1935

I milked Edwinís cows this morning again while he went to milk. Then we came home

about 2:30 when we got here went to Alliance.

September 29, 1935

We went to Carterís about 15 till 9 then went to Sunday school and church. We were at Carterís for dinner and at Deverís for supper held the baby a lot. Edwin and I, Bill and Beatrice went to Bill Dentons tent meeting at Sebring. We went to the alter. Bill and Beatrice went with us.

September 30, 1935

Went to school. Edwin is here cutting corn. He is going to home tonight. Edwin helped

Dad manage the bull then he started for home.

October 1935

October 1, 19351

The most of the kids have got their rings already. A boy got his arm cut terribly today at school.

October 2, 1935

Went to school That boy was saved. His arm went through a window. 18 stitches were necessary.

October 3, 1935

I helped milk. I milked 4 cows. Dad and mother went after their hog money.

October 4, 1935

Went to school and we had a Chapel of Friends minister that talked to our school.

October 5, 1935

I went to town with Dad. I met Mr. Orr and he said he was coming out in a Sunday or so.

October 6, 1935

Jim Kings was here for dinner. We had gathered a real nice dish to eat.

October 7-11, 1935

Went to school.

October 12, 1935

Vernon W. was here he got hurt picking apples and wanted me to go with him to a show.

October 13, 1935

Ben Greenwalt and family was here and several other people to look at cows.

October 14, 1935

I drove Reverend Earhart3 to Pennsylvania to Elwood city. When I was coming back it just poured down rain.

October 15, 1935

Edwin came and we just talked about what we ought to do this winter.

October 16, 1935

I read a whole book: The Lost Trail. It sure was good.

October 17, 1935

Edwin and I went up to Snyders and they were in bed. So we came back home and Edwin left early to go to bed.

October 18, 1935

Edwin and I had a great talk on what we were going to do: Get married or go west?

October 19, 1935

Edwin and I went to Beechwood and talked to Mrs. Carter. We worked hard all day.

October 20, 1935

Edwin, Dad and I sure worked to get ready for the sale we got. Got to bed at 4 bells am. Helped V catch chickens. Strabala was here.

October 21, 1935

Our sale was today a beauty. Brought $79. Corn got $60. Turkeys $11.75. Ducks $3.00 Berniceís birthday.

October 22, 1935

The man that bought my turkeys is here to pay for them. The neighbors are having a corn husking for George because he is sick.

October 23, 1935

Edwin was here and we talked of what we was going to do about getting married and about getting a car. We are going to see it Saturday night.


October 24, 1935

Edwin is coming back this evening we are going to get married soon. The first week in December I think.

October 25, 1935

I went to the dentist. He ground the front of my teeth off and is going to fill a couple in two weeks from now. Edwin was here.

October 26, 1935

Edwin stayed here all night tonight. Went to Alliance and looked at the cars. He was doing the looking. We are going to get the Dodge.

October 27, 1935

Edwin sure liked the Dodge. So did I. We got a pint of strawberry ice-cream for our dinner. We went to Bill Devers and then had supper there. Went to church at Beechwood.

October 28, 1935

Edwin stayed all night and he got the Dodge. We were at C.D.ís for supper. We were at Devers, dried dishes for Mrs. Devers and saw Eleanor baby.

October 29, 1935

Edwin stayed all night and left this morning. He kissed me good-bye until Thursday. We are going to Alliance to a Halloween party then.

October 30, 1935

I am going to order my furniture soon so Edwin and I can fix our part of this house very nice when we can get married.

October 31, 1935

We are going to live downstairs this winter and close the upstairs up. I got a new dust pan and two aluminum pie pans.

November 1, 1935

Edwin, Bernice and I went to Alliance to the Halloween parade in the new Dodge. We sure had a wonderful time.

November 2, 1935

Mother, Bernice and I went to Youngstown to Mrs. Mantler Bernier. I went down town then to Burklands. They gave us a bouquet.

November 3, 1935

Mother, Bernice and Dad went to Bolivar. I stayed at home. Clyde came and brought those cards. They sure are beautiful.

November 4, 1935

Our class rings are in but we canít get them till the rest of the kids pay-up. They sure are nice.

November 5, 1935

Next Sunday is Edwinís birthday and we are going to surprise him. Today is Election day.

November 6, 1935

Mrs. Carter, Mother and I went to Canton. We got permanents. Mother and I did. I got a bed spread and a picture of Beatrice Yarome.

November 7, 1935

I drove Reverend Ehrhart and wife over to Gormans and Carmine and Mrs. Ehrhart and Gordon went down town.

November 8, 1935

I got my class ring today it sure is nice.

November 9, 1935

I went to the dentist and got two teeth filled. He gave me some tooth powder. It is very good. I hope I saw Lillian Herman.

November 10, 1935

We had a surprise party on Edwin Carter at C.D. Carterís place. He sure was surprised Bill, Beatrice, Doroty, Vernon, Mrs. Carter, Ed and I was there.

November 14, 1935

Stayed home from school.

November 15, 1935

Talked to Mrs. Earhart all forenoon. I came home and monkeyed around.

November 16, 1935

Edwin came up to stay for good and I sure am tickled. Bernice has an awful cold.

November 17, 1935

Was up to Carterís and Mrs. Carter went to church with us to hear Gipsey Smith. He was very good.

November 18, 1935

Mother, Edwin and I went to Alliance and got back at 1:30. Ed worked on his car and got it greased. We were to see the gas ranges.

November 19, 1935

Washed woodwork in kitchen and got breakfast, dinner and supper.

November 20, 1935

Baked a banana cake and a ginger bread and a rice pudding. I hope they are all good.

November 21, 1935

Carylon gave me a beautiful bouquet.

November 22, 1935

Took Earharts to Youngstown was at Burklands. Mother went along and got a pressure cooker at Robuclos.

November 23, 1935

Edwin, Dad, Bernice and I went to Alliance. We got some groceries. We had some candy and saw Mr. C.D. Carter there.

November 24, 1935

We went up to Carterís and then took Mrs. C.D. Carter to Gipsey Smithís last meeting in Alliance.

November 25, 1935

Edwin and I peddled nuts in Sebring then we went to Deverís to get his car fixed. I listened to the new radio that they had.

November 26, 1935

Dad, Edwin and I peddled nuts in Carleton. We sure sold a bunch. Mr. and Mrs. Earhart was here for supper.

November 27, 1935

Dad and mother went to Salem to peddle nuts today. Bernice has been home all week with a terrible cold. I am just getting over one.

November 28, 1935

Edwin and I cleaned the cellar up. Mother got a great big dinner for itís Thanksgiving.

November 29, 1935

Edwin, mother and I went to Alliance we got varnish, crack filler and Ed got tin to put in the cupboards.

November 30, 1935

We are going to clean up the dining room and fill the cracks in the floor and finish motherís kitchen. Dad is going to cut wood.

December 1935

December 1, 1935

Edwin went down to Rogers, Ohio to butcher a pig.

December 2, 1935

Edwin got back at 10 P.M. I had been in bed one hour and then got up with a belly ache.

Oh boy.

December 3, 1935

We got a new gas range today. It is a Universal. Edwin and Dad went hunting and got four rabbits.

December 4, 1935

Busy getting ready for the sixth.


December 5, 1935

Aunt Myrtle, Aunty Violet was here to help get ready for tomorrow night.


December 6, 1935

There sure was a mob of people and we sure had a good time although I waited tables. I sure was tired.

December 7, 1935

Edwin and I went to Alliance and Ed got Mother 2 vases for a present. We went to a show called "The Virginian".

December 8, 1935

Aunt Carry and Clyde and children was here to spend the afternoon.

December 9, 1935

My furniture came and is it lovely. I sure think so. Aunt Lizzy is making me a quilt. A bearís paw.

December 10, 1935

We are going to apply for our marriage license today. We will also peddle nuts for Dad.

December 11, 1935

We got our marriage license last evening and we are tickled that we got it the same day.

December 12, 1935

Edwin and I are looking and waiting for the day to come when we will be united in


December 13, 1935

We went down and saw Josephoine Cobbs. We wanted to see if she would stand up with

us during our marriage.

December 14, 1935

Mother made a wool comforter to take west with them so they wouldnít freeze.

December 15, 1935

Dad and Ed peddled nuts and sold everywhere. $48.50 worth of nuts in one day.

December 16, 1935

We had rehearsal on our wedding ceremony so we would know what to do and say.

December 17, 1935

Busy getting ready for tomorrow. My wedding. Do we have a beautiful color for the occasion? Greta decorated it.

December 18, 1935

I was married today and we sure had a feast. We got a lot of presents. Eva baked our cake.

December 19, 1935

We stayed in Cleveland at the Ohio Hotel and got our supper at the restaurant New Hope.

December 20, 1935

We stayed in Toledo at the Eastman Hotel. We went to a show and slept till noon.

December 21, 1935

We was in Detroit and stayed at the Linburg hotel. We went to hunt a grocery store and we got lost. We were in the Hudson building. 336 Restaurant.

December 22, 1935

We were over in Canada. Went through the Windsor Tunnel. We saw the ferry-boats. We also saw a show over there.

December 23, 1935

We went to a show in Boling Green to get warm on the way to Bluffton after Forrest.

December 24, 1935

We slept in the Dean of the collegeís bed. We was wakened by the knocking of the steam pipes and a broken water gasket.

December 25, 1935

Mrs. Carter, her mother and Forrest was here and we had an onion eating contest. I made 45 cents.

December 26, 1935

Dad and Ed cut wood and I worked in the kitchen all day.

December 27, 1935

Ed and I went to town and peddled eggs. We went on to Alliance and spent $6.19

December 28, 1935

Last night I didn't sleep well. I was sleepy all today. I slept 2 hours at noon until two.

December 29, 1935

Edwin and I cleaned the stables and cow mangers out and we are going to cold-pack sausage and tenderloin.

December 30, 1935

Mother and Dad are getting ready to pack to go to California.

December 31, 1935

Forest helped Edwin cut wood all day.

January 1936

January 1, 1936

This is Edís first day in the coal bank and is he tired!

January 2, 1936

Dad, Mother, Bernice and Clyde started for California this morning.

January 3, 1936

Have been busy cleaning house all the time.

January 4, 1936

Ed and I was to town went to a show got our groceries and came home.

January 5, 1936

Vernon brought a girl home with him her name was Katherine.

January 6, 1936

Aunt Lizzy made me a comforter it sure is pretty. Glady is at the hospital she is going to have a baby.

January 7, 1936

Was to Carters. C.Dís to wash went down to Alliance with Mrs. Carter to see Professor Boman. He died. Clifford fixed my car because it would not run.

January 8, 1936

Gladys had a baby boy day before yesterday. Richard W. he was named. 7 lbs 1 3/4 ounces. "A card from mother"

January 9, 1936

Giming dog disappeared. We have not seen him for some time now.


January 10, 1936

Sammy Hoffman shot at Scooper so we penned him in the cellar and then in the morning Ed and I got hot chili soup at Salem.

January 11, 1936

Took Scooper and Buss out and tied them together. Scooper jumped over the manger and banged himself.

January 12, 1936

We was home all day. Played with our radio but it doesnít work.

January 13, 1936

Saw Mrs. C.P. Carter in the market house Saturday night and she said she was going to come down some evening.

January 14, 1936

Mr and Mrs. C.P. Carter and grandma came down to visit us. They got a gallon of milk we had been hauling.

January 15, 1936

Vernon left for Chicago to see the Joe Louis fight.

January 16, 1936

Got a card from brother saying he got to Chicago at 6.30 am and is going sight seeing.

January 17, 1936

We got a card from mother and one from Vernon. He is having a swell time in Chicago.

January 18, 1936

We got our works done early and then went to bed. We was going to Alliance after my ring.

January 19, 1936

We was going to church but was too bad outside. We couldnít go anywhere. We wrote letters and read stories.

January 20, 1936

Edwin could not get his car started so he walked to work. Was going to wash but canít now only by hand.

January 21, 1936

Ed and I husked corn and I helped him with the work and then he helped me no word from Mother or Vernon.

January 22, 1936

Vernon got home last night.

January 23, 1936

Vernon said he might get a job in Chicago.

January 24, 1936

We sent Mother and Dad almost $18 and they was not satisfied.

January 25, 1936

I got two shelves in the big cupboard papered and fixed up.

January 26, 1936

I have had pretty good luck with my cooking so far.

January 27, 1936

We got the new top for the stove.

January 30, 1936

Ed and I have been married a little over a month and we sure like or rather love each other more each day.

January 31, 1936

Aunt Lizzy is busy sewing overalls

February 1936

February 1, 1936

Vernonís horse is sick. He said he thought it would die.

February 2, 1936

Ed and I cold packed chicken till we were very well tired.

February 3, 1936

It was 22 degrees below zero today. It sure was a fearful cold night!

February 4, 1936

We have sure had a nice lot of ice cream and a lot of zero degree weather. Snow is drifting.

February 5, 1936

Vernon got fired and he is sure down hearted about it.

February 6, 1936

I got a fearful soar throat and have been helping Ed with the work.

February 7, 1936

We peddled eggs today got 30 cents with tax for eggs.

February 8, 1936

Edwin and I was to Alliance and we saw a show "Ken Manard" It sure was a nice show.

February 9, 1936

Ed and I was over home a while today and took some cake and ice cream with us. Bill Devers has a sore throat bad.

February 10, 1936

Edwin is filling cracks in the dining room floor. Iím writing mother. Two week of below zero degree weather!

February 11, 1936

We got the linoleum laid and it sure is pretty.

February 12, 1936

I have my kitchen floor to scrub so I better get it done!

February 13, 1936

Ed and I want to go to the skating rink so bad but have not got there yet.

February 14, 1936

Vernon sent milk with us again.

February 15, 1936

I hope we get to open our sugar canning before so awful long.

February 16, 1936

Vernon tapped his sugar trees and has made some syrup already.

February 17, 1936

I made mother a slip and I am going to make mother a dress also to send out to her.

February 18, 1936

Atlee has been coming to school in an old Chevrolet he must have lost his other new car.

February 19, 1936

Vernon is supposed to help haul manure and he is not here yet.

February 20, 1936

I canned dads big pumpkin. I got 13 quarts and 2 quarts canned to make pie today now 7:36 PM.

February 21, 1936

I seen a robin yesterday now 6:36

February 22, 1936

Mrs. Earhart has been very ill and Mr. has been taking care of her.

February 23, 1936

We got all our corn in out of the weather.

February 24, 1936

We sent $13.50 and $6.00 to Dad and mother the 7th of March 1936.

February 25, 1936

Edwin is going to trim my raspberries for me. I am going to plant some more winter onions this spring.

February 26, 1936

Ed and I hauled some wood and also cut a big block off of a great big tree.

February 27, 1936

We are hauling more fodder from ranch Stanley.

February 28, 1936

We run our egg route and went to Alliance to see about our Ricterola, it is not fixed yet.

February 29, 1936

We got a letter from Mother and Dad telling how much fun they are having.

March 1936

March 1, 1936

Ed and I went to Beechwood to church in the evening and then went to the Carters for a while.

March 5, 1936

We went to a sale at Autrams. Ed bought some seats.

March 6, 1936

Ed and I ran the egg route and then went to Alliance to get groceries. Delivered nuts and went to a show by Ken Mainard.

March 7, 1936

Edwin is going to haul manure today. I am going to make a plumb-pudding for dinner.

March 8, 1936

We are going over our farm. We went in our work clothes and came back home.

March 9, 1936

We made a porch box for flowers and want to make two more.

March 10, 1936

We wanted to haul fodder but it was too soft to work with.

March 11, 1936

Vernon got a job with the Government if he passes the examination.

March 12, 1936

Some men persuaded us to buy the Farm Journal.

March 13, 1936

We peddled today. We took a bacon to Mrs. Crawls and also a chicken. We went to a show Hop-Along Cassidy.

March 14, 1936

Edwin is hauling manure and I am baking cookies.

March 15, 1936

Bill and Bee and Eleanor and her man and children was here a little while this evening. We went to church.

March 16, 1936

We have had quite a bit of snow now.

March 17, 1936

I was going to work but it was entirely too bad to be going anywhere!

March 18, 1936

This morning the roads were all drifted shut. They have not had school for three days now.

March 19, 1936

We put the oil cloth on the wall and finished papering the one cupboard. Now I can put the rest of the border on it.

March 20, 1936

Grandma Williamson gave us $5.00 for a wedding present and she was tickled about it!

March 21, 1936

I am baking bread today. Edwin went to milk so I might bake some cookies too.

March 22, 1936

Vernon rented the farm to a man called Doctor Stevenson.

March 23, 1936

A fellow by the name of Higgins is going to do the farming.

March 24, 1936

We have been very busy making maple syrup.

March 25, 1936

We are making curtain blinds for the kitchen windows. Mrs. C.P. made the tailored curtains.

March 26, 1936

Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Carter was here for supper Sunday tonight. Also Elidena Williamson and son.

March 27, 1936

I had to go to town alone and peddle. Got Dadís license plates.

March 28, 1936

Geneviene our cow had a bull-calf. It sure is little.

March 29, 1936

We have five little kittens. I cleaned the cow stables.

March 30, 1936

We have 38 little peeps. They are sure nice. One sow had 7 another 11, another 10 and another 11.

March 31, 1936

Today is a nice day and the paper says snow soon.

April 1936

April 1, 1936

I hauled manure and gathered sugar water and boiled it down.

April 2, 1936

Mack and Lottie was here and took us to Youngstown to the Palace Theater to see Klondike Anne: May West.

April 3, 1936

Edwin and I are going to peddle the eggs soon today.

April 4, 1936

I took a chicken up to Mrs. Hideckers this evening while Ed did the work.

April 5, 1936

We got a trailer hitch on our car now.

April 6, 1936

Ed and I went to see Norwood Stanley about getting his corns away. Saw Lon, his Dad and Clinton Strabala in Beloit.

April 7, 1936

Vernon, Edwin and I was at the community sale today we took a couple calves over. I saw and talked to Lon Strabala.

April 8, 1936

We are going to get some eggs soon for little peeps.

April 9, 1936

I canned the syrup and it is ready to sell.

April 10, 1936

Ed and I had our picture taken today and I got a new hat. This picture will be our wedding picture.

April 11, 1936

I have a chicken to dress and a lot of cleaning to do also.

April 12, 1936

We are going to get some little chickens on the same plan Vernon got them on.

April 13, 1936

The grass is sure getting green and nice.

April 14, 1936

We are getting gas from a Freedom Oil man. He brings it tonight here.

April 15, 1936

I have been mending Edís socks for him.

April 16, 1936

The trees are coming in leaf and are very pretty.

April 17, 1936

Ed is going to paint the car fenders black as soon as he can get at it.

April 18, 1936

I helped Ed milk and with the other chores.

April 19, 1936

We get about a dozen eggs a day now.

April 20, 1936

Mother and Dad will come home soon.

April 21, 1936

Lucille Higgins was here selling salve. We did not take any.

April 22, 1936

Stevenson is going to stay on together a place so Vernon can go to Chicago.

April 23, 1936

We got 200 chicks from the Cloverleaf Hatchery.

April 24, 1936

I peddled the eggs by myself got 22 a dozen.

April 25, 1936

Mr. Clifford Carter brought the tractor tonight. Ed took him home. I started the work then Ed being sore, came home.

April 26, 1936

Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Carter were here for Sunday dinner. Then we went to see Mr. Sellers: he died.

April 27, 1936

I went up home to wash and I got some parsnips and they were very good.

April 28, 1936

Bill and Bee and Virginia was here for supper. They stayed till 11. I showed Bee the peeps.

April 29, 1936

I have been doing quite a lot of work and am tired! I guess I will get supper.

April 30, 1936

We got 200 chicks and they are nice reds, Rhodes, whites and white rocks.

May 1936

May 1, 1936

Uncle Irvin has a baby boy named Donald.

May 2, 1936

I have 53 peeps with the hens and about 8 hens set on chicken eggs and turkey eggs.

May 3, 1936

Ed is putting in the seeds. He did most of the plowing with the tractor.

May 4, 1936

We are selling our little pigs we have two batches of little kittens.

May 5, 1936

Vernon sure is.. or thinks he is some one!

May 6, 1936

I have some dahlias planted by the back down the steps.

May 7, 1936

The apple trees are white with blooms and sure are pretty.

May 8, 1936

Peddled eggs today. Had bad trouble with the car.

May 9, 1936

Mother, Dad and Bernice got home from California at 12 midnight.

May 10, 1936

Bernice woke us then we got up and had quite a time!

May 11, 1936

Ed and Dad have been hauling manure. I helped when Dad went to town.

May 12, 1936

Dad brought two crates of oranges home and also a lot of orange boning.

May 13, 1936

Ed and I planted a new patch of strawberries and raspberries and asparagus.

May 14, 1936

I have been covering the strawberries to keep them from getting frosted.

May 15, 1936

Ed plowed the garden and the truck patch. Sarah Guffer has married Pat Robbinson of Sebring.

May 16, 1936

Ed planted the garden. The peach trees are all dead from the hard winter.

May 17, 1936

I planted carmas but Mr. Carter helped me. He also helped me plant sweet corn.

May 18, 1936

We got up at 5 am and had breakfast at 6am. Dinner at 12 noon. Supper mostly at 5:30.

May 19, 1936

Vernon went to Chicago to the MCA Building.

May 20, 1936

Mr. Baker is visiting our house.

May 21, 1936

This is Bernices last day of school. I planted petunias out front and morning flowers.

May 22, 1936

Mrs. and Mr. Carter was here and then I took Mrs. Carter home because Grandma was alone. I also saw Frank.

May 23, 1936

Edwin and I went to Beechwood to a Sunday school convention. Stopped at Bills to wait on the street car.

May 24, 1936

Bernice went to a school picnic today at Silver Park. Laura and George were there.

May 25, 1936

Bernice is going to get her report card today. Ed is plowing today. Dad is planting melons.

May 26, 1936

I was not feeling good today. Was going to wash but didnít.

July 1936

July 10, 1936

We finished making hay and started cutting wheat.

July 11, 1936

Ed and I sold some chickens today. We went to a show at the Strand. They worked on our wheat today.

July 12, 1936

Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Carter was here with Grandma. We went swimming today for the first at Lake Placentia.

July 13, 1936

Ed and Dad are cutting Vernonís wheat today.

July 31, 1936

Dad peddled eggs and nuts and other produce. We did the work.

August 1936

August 1, 1936

We all attended the Stanley - Cobbs family reunion at Westville Lake today. We then went on to Alliance for groceries.

August 2, 1936

We all went to Sunday school and church. Mother, Dad and Bernice were there.

August 3, 1936

I did the work in the usual manner and went to bed.

August 4, 1936

Mr. and Mrs. DaBuff were here from Phoenix, Arizona for supper. Mother finally got her front room cleaned.

August 5, 1936

We are cleaning the fence rows up. I helped some. We bought a trailer of our own because we are tired of using Vernonís

August 6, 1936

We went to see Huey Fargís cattle sold. We then went to Sebring and got some ice-cream.

August 7, 1936

Ed is howing corn and I am supposed to pick the pickles. Dad is going to pick the beans.

August 14, 1936

Dad went to peddle the eggs. Bernice stayed at Mrs. Crowlsí.

August 15, 1936

We went to town. Ed got a hair cut and it sure rained.

August 16, 1936

We was up home for supper it sure was great. We had cubed steaks. It was sure good with ice-cream.

August 17, 1936

We got our first roasting ears. They are sure nice.

August 18, 1936

I am going to wash clothes today.

August 23, 1936

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Devers have a baby girl: Florence. 9 1/2 lbs we saw it today.

December 1936

December 18, 1936

I forgot to remember that this was our anniversary. Ed said he thought of it and is slipped his mind.

December 21, 1936

We butchered our sally-pig today and Ed and me both helped do the butchering.

December 25, 1936

I canned pork today and got 24 pints.

December 26, 1936

I was at Lizzy Schniderís for dinner. Berma and Forest was there a very good dinner was enjoyed. He was home from college.

January 1937

January 9, 1937

Josephine Cobs was married today to Norman Sturgon.

January 15, 1937

Bernice, Ed and I went to a show last evening at the Strand. Mother and Dad went to peddle eggs and nuts.

January 18, 1937

We got a new coo-coo-clock. It sure is pretty. We went over home. I took butter and eggs, parsnips and carrots they were glad to get them.

January 19, 1937

Ed is making a tool box, he is very busy.

January 21, 1937

They are having a shower for Josephine tonight.

January 22, 1937

Ed and I went to a show at the Strand. Gene Autry was playing.

January 23, 1937

Ed is hauling coal. Dad is hauling fodder. Mother is peddling eggs and I am trying to do a little work.

January 29, 1937

We got a new Radio and it sure is a wonderful one. RCA Victor today.

January 30, 1937

I baked 3 peach pies for Ed. We got our new mattress today also springs but they have to go back they are too small.

February 1937

February 5, 1937

Dad and Ed cut wood in the woods today. Dad had to peddle the eggs.

February 6, 1937

Ed is sick with a bad cold.

October 1937

October 29, 1937

Carters were down they had young fried chicken he brought hamburger and we had it for supper.

October 30, 1937

We worked all day husking corn and etc. Went to Alliance for groceries.

October 31, 1937

We stayed home. Was a beautiful day. Finished gathering nuts. Ed roasted potatoes.

November 1937

November 1, 1937

Was up home. We got our cider today. Ed hauled a load of coal for over home. We sold the balance of our potatoes.

November 2, 1937

Was supposed to take a calf away but didnít. Got our pigs doctored. Mr. Burbicks done it and surveyed our farm today.

November 3, 1937

Edwin took calves away for $11 and chickens for $12.75. Then he sorted potatoes in the afternoon. I husked corn all afternoon.

November 4, 1937

Cliff Carter was here today and helped Edwin cut corn and hauled it in the barn floor. Made a cake it is swell. Also washed windows.

November 5, 1937

We are husking corn.

November 6, 1937

Cleaned the house and scrubbed the floor. We did not go any place.

November 7, 1937

We stayed home today and enjoyed a good dinner.

November 8, 1937

We went to Allenbraughs and paid for half of our horse and got a nice supply of groceries.

November 9, 1937

I went to see doctor Bennett but he was not in so we went to see a show: Gary Cooper "The Hero". Had potato chips and ice-cream.

November 10, 1937

Today is Edwinís birthday he said he had entirely forgotten it. I husked corn all day. Ed cut and hauled corn and cabbage.

November 11, 1937

Ed buried the cabbage in the garden while I trimmed the soft cabbage for sour kraut. We had chicken for supper.

November 25, 1937

Grandma Williamson died at 10 till 5 am. We had our Thanksgiving dinner any way.

November 26, 1937

Got new over shoes for the funeral and silk stockings.

November 27, 1937

The funeral was today at East Fairfield cemetery and Rogers church. Went to a show with Forest and Bernice.

November 28, 1937

Went to church in Alliance with Mrs. C.D. Carter

November 29, 1937

Worked cleaning up C.D.ís house till about 3:00 then came home with Edwin. He hauled coal today for them.

December 1937

December 27, 1937

Salted our pork down today. We used butter salt.

January 1938

January 1, 1938

We stayed home and worked.

January 2, 1938

Ed and Mili Franks went to see a horse. I stayed home.

January 3, 1938

I am making a big batch of apple butter.

January 4, 1938

I am sewing today. Edwin went to mill.

January 16, 1938

Mother and Dad are going to a funeral today. Emmanual Barninganís. Ed is out doing the chores.

January 17, 1938

Forest got a job in the shop. Some kind of book work I guess.

May 1938

May 21, 1938

About 1:15 PM a son was born to us. Weight 9 pounds. We call him Gary Allen. Mr. Bennett was the doctor and Miss Christ helped.

May 22, 1938

Miss Christ was a student nurse from Alliance. Edwin, Mrs. C.D. Carter also helped with the arrival.

May 23, 1938

Mother and Bernice was the first callers. They brought some grapes over. Those grapes sure were good.

May 24, 1938

The Doctor came again today and said the baby and me were doing excellent.

May 25, 1938

Sonny didnít do much crying. He is as good as gold!

May 26, 1938

Mrs. Carter is kept busy taking care of me and sonny. She is also taking care of the house work. Edwin is good help.

May 27, 1938

The Doctor said I could get up on the twelfth day. I am sure anxious for it to come.

May 28, 1938

Forest, Bernice and Mr. Carter came to see me and baby. Bernice brought sonny a spoon and forks.

May 29, 1938

Mr. Carter stayed. He will be here till Monday.

May 30, 1938

Doctor was here he said he would not have to come back any more unless something went wrong.

May 31, 1938

We have an insurance policy on sonny with the Prudential 25 cents per week.

June 1938

June 9, 1938

We got home from Gluff at about 15 after 5 oíclock.

June 12, 1938

Tonight was a shower. It rained up home there about 25 or 30.

June 13, 1938

Ed and I went to Mase and Lutherís wedding. They got three presents. I gave one and Mrs. did.

June 18, 1938

Sonny weighs 10 +. He has a blanket rash and his face is all speckled.

June 25, 1938

I went to town and saw Mrs. Carter. Took her home. She gave sonny a dollar and also one for my birthday.

June 26, 1938

Sonny is 5 weeks old and weighs 11 pounds. He is 25 inches tall now and he sure is a good baby.

September 1938

September 19, 1938

I discovered sonnyís first tooth when I was feeding him his Pablum today.

October 1938

October 4, 1938

Sonnyís second tooth is through today. They are both lower teeth.

October 24, 1938

Aunt Myrtle gave Sonny a snow-suite. It is red in color. He sure looks nice in it today. Today is the big sale.

October 25, 1938

I sold Beauty yesterday. She brought $75. Fine more than I paid.

October 26, 1938

Ed put old-Dickey horse up for sale but didnít sell him. Sold Peacy-Cow got $97.50 for her.

Memoranda 1

Halloweening Mask Guard

Ed and me, his bridegroom window was open so we threw rails into the house, put a rail in his bed carried a mattress in the back room, dumped his clothes from his dresser. We upset chairs and settee also. We placed the rails so that he would stumble over them when he came home and placed stones in his kitchen to stumble over and put a water bucket in the stove.

Ed and I took Lonís cultivator horse by the spring. We left a ransom note on his barn door. We dumped corn over , threw Paloís collar on the roof and carried his harrow double plow away. We turned his desk upside down. We carried his gate poles away and hid them in the grass. We fed Pal butterscotch paddies and he sure did like them.

Edwin and I Halloweening Bill Deverís. We got a couple little dolls and wrapped them in wash cloth and placed on Bills truck then soaped his windows we done other Halloweening.

Halloween party we played football and with Satin Jack bobbed for apples. We rolled peanuts on the floor. We had a sucker-sucking contest: sucking suckers the quickest won. We had Cider and doughnuts and pumpkin pie, an enjoyable evening was spent by all that was present.

Memoranda 2

The first time I saw Edwin was at a fight he fought Vernon as the name of Kid Lewis. Vernon had him all but knocked out. Then later Bill Devers was here selling the Alliance paper. Dad asked him if he knew any good fellows wanting a job he had. Ed Carter might want one but he lived at Rogers, Ohio so I wrote him a letter. He came up with 1lb of butter and said it was most impossible that he was working for his Grandpa. So when he was here he had that butter we liked it very much. He had me to write to him to bring some more up about three weeks later he came up with it.

My shower gifts and who gave them:

Blue and yellow border linen cloth from Rhea and Mag Lowell

Yellow border lunch cloth from Dorothy and Vernon

Salt pepper and dripping bowl from Bill and Beatrice.

A refrigerator set from Coila Romane and Glock.

Cookie jar from Naomie Jacob.

Blue sugar and creamer set from Lash and Dorothy Sutton.

Aluminum pan from Goldie and Alta Byers1.

Oven service bake dish from Mr. and Mrs. Edgar J. Pine.

Sherbert glasses from Bernice and Berdine

2 cups, 2 plates, and 2 glasses from Lewis Glen Grimes and Martha Shorn

Rolling pin pan scratcher and potato masher from Mother and Dad

A big relish plate from Elizabeth Mercer.